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3 ways to promote your store


“Promoting your store is all about getting customers in your front door,” says Diane Williams, owner of White Rock Enterprise, and a Convenience U CARWACS Show educator.

Take two minutes out of your day to watch the video above and learn how to promote your store in your community.

Here’s a recap of  Williams’ top three tips:

  1. Be different. It’s not enough to use low pricing as a sustainable point of difference; your store needs to stand out in other ways, too.
  2. Introduce foodservice. Be unique with your offering, and become the go-to spot for a certain snack or treat.
  3. Come up with a store name and logo that’s distinct. If you’ve got an artistic friend or relative, ask for their help.

Key takeaway: The opportunities are huge if you can take the time to develop your brand and then promote it in your community.