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5 Convenience U Show takeaways


_JP_3926_CNUE15_TradeShowFloor copyThe Toronto Convenience U CARWACS Show was another big success! We spent our afternoons at the CCentral booth on the trade show floor, and spoke with many of you about your show experiences, and what’s happening in the industry today.

Despite the challenges you face, you’re a passionate and optimistic bunch, working to find ways to set your businesses apart.

Here are my top Convenience U CARWACS Show takeaways:

  1. You love finding out what’s new. The trade show floor was busy from beginning to end, with all of you eager to see the latest products on the market and to find the SKUs that will ramp up the in-store excitement for your customers.
  2. You want to make face-to-face connections with your suppliers. Many of you had specific questions or concerns to address with your reps, but some of you just wanted to spend those few minutes with suppliers to chat and catch up.
  3. You want to embrace technology. Retailers who aren’t on social media learned a thing or two from the “Marketing Your Store” session, and are enlisting younger staff members to set up Facebook pages and teach them the ropes.
  4. You’re passionate about the issues. The major issues – contraband tobacco, beer and wine retailing, menthol ban – are impacting your business, and your vocal response suggests you’re ready to keep lobbying government for change.
  5. A little motivation goes a long way. You know you’re in one of the most challenging retail industries out there, but you still can’t wait to get back to your stores and implement changes when the show is over.