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Alberta government proposes flavoured tobacco products ban


In an unprecedented move, the Alberta government recently announced it’s proceeding with plans to ban the sale of flavoured tobacco products in the province.

Bill 206, also known as The Tobacco Reduction (Flavoured Tobacco Products) Amendment Act, could be voted on as early as Monday, November 18. All flavoured tobacco products would be illegal for sale under the proposed legislation, and if passed, could have serious impacts on c-store businesses.

According to National Smokeless Tobacco Company (NSTC), product bans such as this one hurt law-abiding businesses, but they also create incentives for criminals to engage in illicit activity.

“Our position is clear. Instead of depriving adult tobacco consumers of products they want, the focus should remain on keeping adult products away from kids,” says JF Turcotte, president of NSTC.

The time to act is now, and it’s important that all consumers, retailers, and wholesalers opposed to Bill 206 speak up now.

If you’d like to voice your opposition to Bill 206, contact Dave Rodney, Associate Minister of Wellness by email ( or phone 780-415- 0482 and Doug Horner, Minister of Finance by email ( or phone 780-415- 4855 today.