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Win with POS materials


Photo by Jamie Bard Dube

POS materials give Nova Scotia retailer a (free!) advantage
As the owner of Weymouth Mercantile, an independent convenience/general store in Weymouth, Nova Scotia, Larry Veinot has learned how to compete, regardless of his size and status.

“I’ve been in retail for 30-some years, and I know the value of point-of-sale material,” says Veinot. “I have a small, independently-run business, and it gives me an advantage as far as being able to push product out to people that they see, and they do notice POS materials quite a bit.”

Veinot is no stranger to POS materials, so when he saw the advertisements for, the website from which retailers can order POS materials with free shipping anywhere within the country, he signed up right away to reap the rewards.

He builds displays and uses POS materials like danglers, shanglers and wobblers to advertise the products on offer, and has run several bundling promotions in the past.

Veinot says the use of POS materials has led to measurable success. “We have two grocery stores in town, and we’ve actually taken a fair amount of confectionery volume from those folks, which has been really good for us. Point-of-sale material absolutely works to drive sales.”

“If you can increase [the sale of] every customer who walks into your store 25 to 55 cents on an average week, that adds up after 52 weeks,” hey says.

Top tips for winning with POS materials:

  1. Attract attention. Use POS materials to build awareness and increase sales.
  2. Bundle up. Advertise bundling promotions to increase basket and transaction sizes.
  3. Go outside. Place POS signage outside your store to bring shoppers inside.
  4. Order online. Inventory is updated regularly, so order materials from as often as you like!