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Video: 5 tips to improve in-store environment


Hugh Large is known as the convenience guru, and he knows a thing or two about in-store layouts and merchandising. We caught up with him at The Convenience U CARWACS Show in Calgary and got him to share his top five tips for building a successful in-store environment. Take two minutes out of your day to watch this video.

Here’s a summary of his five tips:

1. Understand your customers. You should know what they’re looking for and how they shop so you can ensure your store caters to their needs.

2. Focus on your store’s image. Your store should present a clean, organized and welcoming image – both inside and outside. How it looks says a lot about what kind of retailer you are.

3. Position best-selling products where they’ll be seen. Your best sellers should be given prominence, so you can ensure your customers will notice them right away.

4. Pay attention to your cash desk. This is the most important part of your store, so keep it clean and clutter free.

5. Ensure the layout allows for easy shopping. You want your customers to find and purchase products easily, so it’s important to keep your store organized and clutter free.

What have you done in your store to help improve the environment? We’d love to hear from you!