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Boost sales with POS materials


View this two-minute video and learn how Vijay Patel, owner of Daisy Mart, increases in-store sales with POS materials from Video by Brandon Gray.

In the small community of Sioux Narrows, Ont., word travels fast. That’s why Anthony Gill, owner of Gill’s Trading Post, uses point-of-sale materials to ensure his customers notice new products and promotional deals available in his store.

“Any time I can bring attention to a product, it gets people talking, and I think that’s key for my little community,” he says. “I’ve got 1,100 people I’m serving, but I only need to catch 10 or 15 of them and then word travels quickly.”

Although he has a regular customer base, he felt the need to do something different to grab their attention. “I was getting the feeling that people were overlooking a lot of the items I have here,” he explains.

Luckily, Gill’s full-service distributor rep showed him an issue of YCM Magazine, where he saw an ad for, a website that allows retailers to order free marketing materials from leading manufacturers. With just a few clicks of a mouse, materials such as wobblers, shanglers and front-end planogram signage can be delivered to your store for free within two weeks.

For Gill, these materials change up the shopping experience for his customers, and encourage them to notice in-store promotions as well as new and favourite SKUs. “Even if it’s an older, well-known product, a sign can make it look brand new,” he says.

And at Gill’s Trading Post, the effect of professional POS materials on basket size is obvious. “Any time I have a flyer or POS material highlighting something, I see a huge difference in the sales,” he notes.

Strategically placed POS materials not only improve sales, but can also help retailers maintain a clean, professional image with minimal effort. “It’s very hard to create an image or a look like what Free-POS is doing. I can really leverage being able to grab up to 15 different items, and I’m saving a huge amount of time,” he says.

For this retailer, shaking up the experience for the customer is key, and if you can keep your store looking fresh with new displays and POS materials, customers will surely notice. “If you’ve got something different hanging off the edge of the shelf, people will notice it because it looks different from the last time they were in the store,” he says, and that’s something that helps to get his community talking.

Top tips to help you win with POS materials:

Highlight the deals. If your deals aren’t obvious, your customers won’t know about them. Use POS materials to ensure the promotion is properly advertised.

Mix it up. Highlight both new and bestselling SKUs so your customers are encouraged to notice different items with each visit to your store.

Suggest a bundle. POS materials are a great way to suggest a bundle, whether it’s a promotional deal or a complete meal suggestion.


Get your customers talking! Visit today to order the newest POS materials from leading suppliers.