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Changes to Ontario’s Smoke Free Act


OCSAlogoA message from OCSA’s Dave Bryans:

“The OCSA was informed late Friday of changes to the Smoke Free Act. As you can see below the vaping section of SFOA will not be inacted on July 1 and all stores are free to continue to display, promote and sell vaping products with no restrictions at this time.

We suspect under the new government the Ministry staff has been instructed to re-evaluate the restrictions and hopefully allow C stores to display and promote the vaping alternatives. This may be the start of a new dialogue on issues affecting the channel.


The OCSA Will once again participate in the consultation going forward and keep every one updated as we learn additional information.”


Here are the changes outlined from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care:


·        The changes to the Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2017 that were set to come into effect on July 1, 2018 are being paused to give the new government the opportunity to carefully review the new regulations related to vaping.

·        The government will work with the public, experts and businesses to re-examine the evidence related to vaping as a smoking cessation tool to ensure that any changes are in the best interests of everyone and protect Ontarians’ health and safety.

·        The current provisions in the Smoke Free Ontario Act and the Electronic Cigarettes Act remain in effect and will continue to be enforced.