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Community leader: Support through sport


Print Jim Siegmann has been in his post as manager of Okanagan Wash Zone for 17 years. His close relationships with regular customers are fuelling the site’s community efforts, and strengthening the bonds between Okanagan Wash Zone and the residents of Kelowna, BC.

“You just have to get yourself known, and become a part of the community, and hopefully that brings more people through the door,” says Siegmann.

Here are a few examples of how Siegmann connects with Kelownians:

-Okanagan Wash Zone has formed a partnership with the local Western Hockey League team, the Kelowna Rockets. The wash is branded the Rocket Wash, and the car wash site advertises in the arena where the WHL team plays.

-Kelowna Rockets season ticket holders receive wash cards that offer $1 off every wash from Okanagan Wash Zone. These wash cards are also provided to minor hockey teams, who sell the cards for $10 each, and receive the full $10 profit.

-Okanagan Wash Zone provides wash cards for charity auctions and other community programs, like the $100 wash card that was donated for Tim Horton’s Camp Day.