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Community leader: The “Cookie Man” spreads joy


CC-Reynolds_StaffConvenience stores are often the cornerstones of their communities, and Milne Court Petro-Canada in New Minas, NS is no exception. Owner Scott Fraser believes strongly in helping others, and puts these principles into action at his c-gas site.

“I feel a need to be a part of the community in every way possible,” says Fraser. “That’s part of our core values – we really feel that the more people we can help, the better.”

Known to the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax as the “Cookie Man,” Fraser donates hundreds of dozens of cookies for the hospital’s fundraising efforts.

“It’s something we want to do, and they do such great work, we’re just pleased that they’ll accept our donation and they love it,” he says.

Fraser also embraces local businesses; he runs a Just Us! Fair trade organic coffee program using fresh beans from the local roaster, and his sandwich bread comes from the Flowercart, a local adult vocational service.

Helping others beyond his community is also important to Fraser, who created his own fundraising campaign in 2012 in support of breast cancer research initiatives. Cap it for Cancer raised $14,000 by November of 2013, with pink valve caps shipped all across North America.

“We donated the caps we bought, we donated all of our services, and we got people to help out, so we zeroed out our costs. The really neat thing is when somebody bought a set of caps for $2, the whole $2 went to the cause,” explains Fraser.