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Cool Blasts: Ready to launch


image001For many c-store customers, picking up a favourite breath freshener is a no-brainer when standing in line to buy gas, a lottery ticket, coffee or a chocolate bar. But the refreshment landscape is changing, and customers are on the lookout for new and exciting options.

The mint category has experienced a +17% increase* in the last three years, and retailers that harness this upward trend should see positive results. While the mint category is increasing, the gum category  has seen a -9% decline* over that same period, so be sure to balance your merchandising and product assortment according to these trends and your store’s sales. Focus on the SKUs you know your customers want and are delivering category growth.

Consumers are looking for innovation, so when it hits your store shelves, take the opportunity to build excitement and incent customers to try something new.

5 things to make the most of the new Ice Breakers Cool Blasts launch from Hershey:

1. Cool Blasts fill a gap. Cool Blasts are a quick dissolving chewy mint that satisfies the consumer need for immediate and powerful breath freshening.

2. Ice Breakers is a known brand. Ice Breakers is the fastest growing mint brand and is helping deliver category growth, growing at a rate of +38%* in the past three years!

3. The packaging is convenient. Cool Blasts come in a portable, convenient, easy-to-use container and each mint is wrapper free.

4. In-store merchandising is simple. The small footprint of Cool Blasts  allows it to sit in close proximity to your existing Ice Breakers SKUs. This will simplify the shopping experience and encourage customers to pick up innovation with a familiar brand.

5. POS will make it stand out. Engaging POS materials will draw attention to the new SKU and will ensure your customers take notice.


*Nielsen, MarketTrack, National 5 Channels, Latest 52 Weeks Ending Sept. 20 vs. 2YA, 2014