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Dare REALFRUIT Gummies


It’s no secret that many Canadian consumers are becoming more mindful of what’s in the snacks they consume. Many of your customers are looking for snacks that offer a made-better promise, such as ‘made with real fruits’ or ‘no artificial colours or flavours’.

Luckily for c-store operators (and their customers!) Dare REALFRUIT Gummies fit the bill.


FOUR things you should know about Dare REALFRUIT Gummies:

ONE: Sales are on the rise.

When compared to the overall candy confections segment, Dare REALFRUIT Gummies sales are growing:


TWO: They’re available in a variety of flavours.

You can offer your customers lots of choice when it comes to Dare REALFRUIT Gummies. Here are the top sellers:

Dare REALFRUIT Berries
18 x 50g
Average retail: $1.59

Gelatin Free IconPeanut Free

18 x 55g
Average retail: $1.59


Peanut Free

Real Sign_Pink

12 x 180g
Average retail: $3.29


Peanut Free

Dare REALFRUIT Super Fruit
12 x 180g
Average retail: $3.29


PrintGelatin Free IconPeanut Free

Dare REALFRUIT Tropical Fruit
12 x 180g
Average retail: $3.29


Peanut Free

THREE: Consumers value made-better attributes.

Dare REALFRUIT Gummies bring consumers the top two motivating claims to buy candy:

→ Made with real fruit

→ Made with no artificial colours or flavours

Dare Candy Co is on a mission to MAKE CANDY BETTER


FOUR: They’re now available in single-serve packs.

Your customers can now choose to buy select flavours in 50-55-gram single-serve packs to eat right away, or 180-gram bags for future consumption or sharing occasions. These new single-serve pack sizes mean an opportunity for incremental purchases, so be sure to merchandise the display in a high-traffic area such as near the cash register.



How can you boost sales for Dare REALFRUIT Gummies?

  • Merchandise Dare REALFRUIT Gummies in a high-traffic, prominent spot, such as near the front door or on the front counter.
  • Be sure to make use of header cards or other POS materials that clearly communicate the made-better claims.
  • Be knowledgeable of the attributes that make this brand stand out, including made with real fruit, free of artificial colours and flavours, peanut free and gelatin free (on select varieties).

Contact your wholesaler or distributor to place your Dare REALFRUIT Gummies order today!