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Editor’s Message: Get ready for your new beginning!


0010_Gray_Jane Auster_v2As you open this magazine, you may notice something different. First of all there’s the name itself: Convenience Store News Canada, or CSNews Canada for short.

We are excited to start the new year with a fresh convenience retail brand dedicated to helping you target the top trends, understanding important business realities, and navigating a rapidly evolving retail environment.

We’ll do that with editorial focused on the issues and developments that matter to you and that will help you not only survive, but thrive as business owners.

At CSNews Canada our goal is to be the voice of the convenience retail industry in Canada, offering practical, business-focused editorial, interviews with industry leaders, profiles of successful c-store operators and coverage of new innovations that will shape the future of convenience retail. Turn to us to learn more about the trends and insights that are key factors in the success of your business.

As part of retail intelligence company EnsembleIQ, we are aligned with U.S. sister publication, Convenience Store News. That means we have access to a wealth of information and best practices from across North America while focusing on what matters to Canada – and Canadian convenience retailers with your unique interests. We are the only convenience brand to be able to make that boast, with understanding of the convenience retail industry within a much wider context.

At a time of tremendous flux and development in the entire retail segment, CSNews Canada is here to help you navigate potentially choppy waters.

What better time to launch a new magazine than at the start of the year, when we have made our New Year’s resolutions and look forward to new beginnings and achievements.

Let me know what you think of CSNews Canada. I look forward to hearing from you at