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Fueling the future


IMG_9884Gales Fuels is a family-run business that’s been serving the Niagara, ON region since 1967. With 16 locations, streamlining business operations and making upgrades is no small task.

Jessica Friesen, third generation CEO, and Mike Busch, general manager, wanted to introduce new pay-at-the-pump self-serve dispensers at a number of their sites, but they had one problem: they also wanted to retain the existing POS system and full-serve pumps.

After speaking with their service provider, they settled on the Wayne Ovation™ fuel dispenser and the Wayne Fusion™ site automation system for their sites, and haven’t looked back.

The upgrades

Gales was looking for a way to marry the old and the new, and the Fusion site automation system was the answer.

“Our Fusion site server allowed the two different pump protocols to communicate without having to change out the full-serve dispensers,” says Dean Cirone, national sales manager with Wayne Fueling Systems. “Because the Fusion site system had the software to allow them to achieve this, we were able to help them stick to their site upgrade budgets.”

With a limited installation downtime of only eight to 10 hours per site, Gales now has Ovation fuel dispensers at five locations, and the Fusion system at three of the five locations.

The benefits

As Gales moves forward with additional site renovations, Friesen says pay-at-the-pump technology will be a top priority. “Pay-at-the-pump is a benefit, from my experience, that customers really love,” she says, adding that it speeds up service, and a higher turnover of vehicles benefits everyone.

One of the big benefits right now in the self-serve environment is the EMV chip-and-PIN technology. “We went to chip-and-PIN technology in Canada for the protection of the card companies, the independent operators such as Gales, and the end customers,” says Cirone, adding that EMV technology helps to provide a more secure environment for Gales customers and the company itself, and offers the best possible protection against fraud at the pump.

The next steps

The changes Gales has implemented keep future upgrades top of mind.

“With the Ovation and the next generation Ovation2 fuel dispensers, everything is backwards compatible,” says Cirone. “If Gales were to put in Ovation2 pumps at other sites, it’s going to operate the same as the original Ovation pumps. What we have is a stackable platform which, going forward, any new technology can and will be added to. This means they don’t have to change out any equipment in the future,” he says.

That’s a bonus, because Gales Fuels is planning to continue with upgrades at its remaining sites. “We’re still in the process, but right now we’ve got a mixture of pumps out there. We likely will go with all Wayne pumps in the future,” says Friesen.

For Gales Fuels, the experience has been nothing but positive. “If Wayne tells you they’ll be there in six weeks with the dispensers, they’ll be there in six weeks,” says Busch. “The customer service with Wayne Fueling Systems has been excellent from day one.”

Ovation and Ovation2 Fuel Dispensers features:

  • Ovation fuel dispensers provide customers with a clean, fast, secure, and user-friendly fueling experience.
  • Ovation2 fuel dispensers offer high-end media capabilities and other interactive features designed to drive customers in-store.
  • The Ovation2 fuel dispensers are engineered to evolve along with technology, and can be tailored to fit exact forecourt needs.

Fusion Site Automation System features:

  • The Fusion system ties systems and devices together, including point-of-sale, dispensers, price signs, and tank gauges.
  • The Fusion platform is flexible and allows retailers to implement forecourt control with a wide range of products from different vendors without costly upgrades.
  • The Fusion system is a reliable embedded hardware solution that provides near 100% uptime for dispensers and other forecourt devices.

For more information about Wayne Fueling Systems, visit to find your local regional sales manager or distributor.