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How did Stick it to Hunger do in store?


Consumer-promotion-Hersheys-brand-powe2rHow did Stick it to Hunger do in store?

The OH HENRY! Stick it to Hunger consumer promotion has been in Scott Atkinson’s Beaver Convenience in Courtenay, BC for a little over a month, and so far, the promotion is a big success.

“The promotion is going well, we’ve replenished the prepack a few times already,” says Atkinson, who keeps the display enticing by stocking it with participating chocolate bars, including the top-selling OH HENRY! bar. Want to learn more about the Stick it to Hunger promotion? Click here.

He also keeps the dialogue open with his Hershey sales rep, who’s been impressed with the in-store placement and rate of product replenishment. As Atkinson knows, sales reps can be a great resource for in-store merchandising advice.

Running a successful promotion is all about placing the prepack in a spot that will get the attention of customers. This retailer makes a habit of placing all prepacks within 10 feet of the till, because he knows customers are always looking for those last-minute items as they’re waiting in line. The eye-catching display and brand power of Hershey and the NHL help ensure customers won’t be able to miss the exciting promotion.

Here are three ways Atkinson ensured success with the Stick it to Hunger promotion:

1. He focused on location. “I usually have three or four prepacks within 10 feet of the till. My customers know they can find the newest promotions and products in my store,” he says.

2. He communicated with staff. “I’ve done a description of the promotion in my communication book with staff,” he says. He described the prizing, mode of entry and the causal aspect of the promotion.

3. He replenished the stock.The promotion is going well,” he says, and he knows this because, “we’ve replenished the prepack a few times already.”

Are you running the Stick it to Hunger promotion in your store? Leave your comments below; we’d love to hear how it’s going in your store!