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How do you engage your staff?



As a retailer, you’ve surely heard it before: staff members are the face of your business. Day in and day out, they’re interacting with customers and can often determine whether a first-time customer becomes a regular at your store.

C-stores can provide something the big box stores can’t – personalized customer service. Engaging staff members and treating them as valued members of the team can ensure lower turnover rates, more satisfied employees and in turn, better service.

The 2013 CCentral Independent Insights research asked retailers to share their staffing struggles, successes and top strategies. This year’s results show that staff engagement is perceived as less of a problem for c-store owners. In fact, only 9% of retailers surveyed in 2013 feel staff engagement is a major problem for them, which is down 20% over last year.

Conversely, the percentage of retailers who perceive the issue of staff engagement as just a minor problem has jumped from 38% in 2012 to 55% in 2013.

So what are retailers doing to keep their employees engaged? See the chart below for the top answers from our survey respondents. 

What tools do you use to help engage and retain your staff? (Check all that apply)


Base: Total answering %
Flexible schedules


Positive feedback




Product knowledge


Financial rewards based on performance


Staff meetings


Prizes and contests


Non-financial incentives for top performers


Other (please specify)