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How to drive traffic with promotional tools


Photo by Kim Goodyear

Consumer promotions from major suppliers give retailers the opportunity to focus on their customers, providing them with the exciting in-store environment they can’t wait to shop.

Michelle Laborde, in-store shopper marketing manager for PepsiCo Beverages Canada, says the company’s new DEWmocracy promotion drives awareness of innovative Mountain Dew® SKUs, while engaging c-gas customers to play an active role in the promotion.

The promotion, which runs from March 18 to June 9, puts consumers at the forefront, offering them the chance to vote for which one of four new Mountain Dew flavours should remain in Canada permanently. “We receive a request for flavours almost daily in Canada, so we’re going to bring this program to life in a way that engages Canadian Millennials to demonstrate that passion and let them campaign for their favourite flavour,” says Laborde, noting that the Mountain Dew brand was re-launched with a new formula in 2012.

Laborde says that when executed properly, consumer promotions benefit the supplier, the retailer and their shopper, and inject a healthy dose of enthusiasm into the c-channel.

“This promotion is designed to help drive incremental value, delivering some new news for the in-store environment, with the goal of increasing store traffic,” says Laborde. “The sweet spot for promotions needs to be a win-win situation, helping suppliers use this news to grow their brands, and also ensuring retailer needs are met, delivering value to shoppers and engaging them in a way that will increase traffic.”

Educating all key players in the promotional process is fundamental for success. Laborde says when PepsiCo Beverages Canada launches a promotion, they ensure the right tools are available at all levels, and work with retailers in advance to guarantee these materials are in place on time.

“Point-of-sale materials are also key because they’re going to interrupt and engage shoppers, and make sure that the news stays top of mind for them in store,” she says. “Retailers should respect the five to seven key points of engagement, and remember that external point of sale is important as well.”

According to Laborde, proper consumer promotion execution can be boiled down to three main principles. “It’s about communicating the right message with the right placement and the right value. When these three parts of the equation work together, high-profile consumer promotions can really drive traffic.”


Top tips for promotional excellence:

1. Plan in advance, asking your reps for promotional materials a few months before the promotion will be executed in store.

2. Work with sales reps to align your promotional goals and receive advice for executing the promotion successfully in your store.

3. Update your staff on promotion details so they can clearly communicate the message to all customers who come to the cash.

4. Attract attention using POS materials in high-traffic areas both inside and outside the store.


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