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Improve profits with M&Ms and Maltesers Movie Promotions


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We’re heading into the summer, which means your customers will be going to the movie theatre to check out some of this year’s biggest blockbusters. Why not give them a chance to win free tickets to the movies?

The M&Ms and Maltesers Movie Promotions are back for the fourth year, and they do just that. This in-store promotion will excite and entice your customers with the chance to win movie tickets or a free bag of M&Ms or Maltesers singles.

There are two ways to win with this promotion:

Collect and get:

  • This contest runs from May 21 – September 7, 2013
  • Consumers collect 8 complete pouch tops from specially marked packages of Maltesers and M&Ms
  • They mail them to the specified address, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • Receive two adult general admission movie tickets in the mail
  • There’s a limit of two requests per household

Instant win:

  • Consumers buy a contest-branded package of M&Ms Milk Chocolate, Peanut or Maltesers Singles
  • Open the package and find a unique PIN code
  • Consumers head to, “Like” the page, and enter their unique PIN
  • They will receive either a “Congratulations!” or “Please try again!” message
  • Each PIN has a one-in-ten chance of winning either a movie ticket or a free bag of M&Ms or Maltesers singles

Facebook app:

Consumers can access more contest information by “Liking” the contest page on Facebook. They just need to head to, like the page and they can enter the instant win contest and view details on the collect and get promotion.

Key dates:

Promotion in market: June 17 – September 7, 2013

How can you build sales during these promotions?

Remember, the more excitement you can build in store, the better. Customers are familiar with this promotion and will be looking for it when they enter your store! Be sure to have the following products and materials in place during the promotional period:

Flashed contest packaging

  • M&Ms Milk Chocolate Singles (48g)
  • M&Ms Peanut Singles (49g)
  • Maltesers Singles (37g)

POS materials

  • Sidewinder/pop-up header card
  • Shangler
  • Clip strip header
  • Shelf tray
  • Carton wrap lug on

Program tools

  • Singles and PEG pre-packs
  • 1.2 pallet MP
  • Singles pallet
  • Ella

    how do you enter to win ?