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Is your coffee program as successful as it could be?


CCentral-How-to-become-a-multi-site-success3 ways to make the most of your coffee program:

1. Put quality first. Offer your customers a good cup of coffee at a good price, and consider partnering with a major brand to ensure consistent quality.

2. Motivate your staff. Educate and engage your staff so they’ll feel comfortable asking customers about making that extra purchase.

3. Explore your options. Take advantage of resources like trade shows to spend time with different suppliers and learn how coffee programs can impact your site.


In the competitive convenience industry, everyone’s looking for the secret weapon that will bring customers back time and time again. A coffee program is at the top of the list to serve as that smoking gun, but it can only help business if the retailer gets it right.

Channel the power of the brand

That’s why many retailers are turning to branded coffee, the number one grab-and-go foodservice item in Canada. These programs offer a point of difference, and also provide support for new coffee retailers who are looking for help, ensuring their site always meets the highest coffee standards.

The number one variable affecting coffee purchases is the brand, which means customers are more likely to purchase a coffee brand they recognize and trust. Branded coffee programs can also help boost overall c-store sales: when Country Style sites are converted from non-branded to branded locations, these locations typically witness a minimum 20% sales lift.

Get your staff on board

One of the easiest ways to put this boost on your sales books is through staff engagement. Ensure your employees are knowledgeable about any coffee and pastry items you offer, and encourage them to upsell customers when they reach the cash register. It can be as simple as asking a shopper if they’d also like a snack or pack of gum to go with their coffee purchase.

Keep in mind that a branded coffee program will only work if your entire site meets the high standards expected from major coffee brands. Make sure you fully stock all shelves, remove any slow moving and out-of-season inventory, and keep your store as clean and uncluttered as possible.

Offering the right cup of coffee for your customers can put you ahead of your competitors, but it’s important to do your research and find the program for you. Trade shows like The Convenience U CARWACS Show feature access to the top coffee vendors in the country, and educational sessions can help you understand the benefits and challenges of introducing coffee at your site.


Insights provided by Karen Weldman, vice president, new business development, express brands, MTY Group (Country Style and Mr. Sub).

Statistics sourced from The Coffee Association of Canada.