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NestleCC_YCMMayJune16_Gray_9516At Parry Sound Pioneer / Bradshaw’s Fuels in Parry Sound, ON, chocolate is a top-selling category. Manager Rebecca Lamb knows that in order to promote this important category and incent impulse purchases, her customers have to be able to easily locate their favourite SKUs. That’s why she places top sellers right on the front counter.

Understanding what will sell best in that small but important front counter space is key to consistently building that all-important basket size. This is why your front counter and KIT KAT are the perfect match: Chocolate has the highest weekly purchase rate of any category at the front counter* and when it comes to chocolate singles bars, KIT KAT is the number-one brand in everyday and total chocolate, and it’s growing at +10%**.

Lamb ensures a clean, well-organized front counter stocked with products she knows will sell. “KIT KAT is a top seller in the store. We have the bars located on the counter in a display and on shelves in front of the counter,” she says, suggesting that by doing this, customers are reminded to add KIT KAT to their purchase. Your customers can’t buy something they can’t see, so effective displays are essential to keeping this top seller top of mind.

Setting up the counter

Every paying customer visits the front counter each time they shop at your store, so this merchandising hot spot presents one of the most effective upselling opportunities in your store.

“The counter is the location in the store where customers have the most interaction with staff,
so it gives the employees the perfect opportunity to suggest items to customers,” she says. “The KIT KAT counter display acts as a visual reminder to the staff to suggest the bars to the customer, and it gives the customer easy access to that one top-selling brand.”

To maximize impulse sales, Nestlé offers two KIT KAT merchandising units: the KIT KAT single tier counter unit and the KIT KAT PIN pad unit, which attaches to your countertop debit/credit card machine. Both displays have small footprints, giving operators the biggest merchandising bang in the smallest possible space.

Enter to win!

NestleCC_KitKat_web graphic1The KIT KAT promotion isn’t just about customers. It’s about building sales and being rewarded for it! That’s why Nestlé is running a KIT KAT contest to celebrate and reward engaged retailers. 

To enter the contest, email a photo of the KIT KAT merchandising unit in your store on the front counter, along with your name and phone number, to By entering, you could win one of two $250 prepaid VISA cards, or the grand prize of a $1,000 prepaid VISA card.

The contest runs from May 1 – July 31, 2016. If you don’t have the countertop display in store already, place your order with your wholesaler now and stock it up with KIT KAT singles. Take a photo, send the email and not only will you be building impulse sales, but you’ll be entered to WIN exciting prizes, too!



3 ways to boost category sales leveraging KIT KAT in store:

  1. Clean up the counter. Ensure the KIT KAT display stands out by clearing away any clutter on the counter and placing the display where it’ll get noticed.
  2. Engage in conversation. The front counter is the perfect opportunity for staff members to engage in upselling conversations with customers, so train your staff to understand these opportunities.
  3. Find additional opportunities. Set up secondary KIT KAT displays throughout your store to incent additional purchases. For example, if you’ve got a coffee station, set up a display there to encourage customers to think about a coffee and KIT KAT combo.

On social media?

Use the hashtag #MyBreak and tag @KITKATca to stay engaged and spread the word!

Need the counter unit?

Contact your wholesaler to request the KIT KAT merchandising kit and start building impulse sales today!



* Nestlé Canadian Research C-Store 2013

** AC Nielsen PE January 9, 2016, latest 52 weeks, National XNFLD C&G

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