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One for Me, One for You: a promotional success


ShirleyEsteyBuildABuzz“Overall it’s been an extremely successful promotion. If it’s available again next year, I will, without a doubt, run it again,” says Shirley Estey, operator of Berry Mills Convenience in Moncton, NB. She’s talking about the One For Me, One For You promotion from Mondelez Canada, which she’s been running in her store since the beginning of October.

Over the past month, she reports that sales have soared for the products on promotion, including Mr. Big, Caramilk, Wunderbar and Crispy Crunch.

It’s also been a great conversation starter, as the display is catching her customers’ attention and encouraging them to engage in conversation with staff members about the unique concept. Want to learn more about how this promotion works? Click here.

There are a few things Estey has done to ensure success with One For Me, One For You. Here they are:

1. She found the right spot. “We’ve placed the prepack right where our food offerings are, so it’s in between our hot food case and our cold food case,” she says. This is a high-traffic area and ensures all hungry customers will take note (and want to take part!).

2. She kept the display stocked. “We are restocking the prepack on a daily basis, or as need be,” she says. “We’ve already gone through all the product, so we had to bring even more in.” There’s nothing more enticing than a fully stocked display.

3. She educated her staff. “My staff is well informed on the promotion, and for the most part, customers just want to know what it is, what it’s about, and when staff members tell them, they’re usually interested,” she says. Ensure staff members understand the promotion and can answer any questions about prizing or associated charities.

Are you running the One for Me, One for You promotion in your store? Leave your comments below; we’d love to hear how it’s going in your store!