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POS materials draw customers into BC c-store


View this two-minute video and learn how Vijay Patel, owner of Daisy Mart, increases in-store sales with POS materials from

Video by Brandon Gray.

Where constantly changing is the name of the game, Ray White is a perfect example of a retailer who doesn’t hesitate to make changes to his Agassiz, BC video and convenience store.

Until a year and a half ago, MovieSource Convenience & Video was focused primarily on video. But when video stores lost steam and White noticed consumer demand shifting, he converted completely to a convenience store and turned his attention to improving his in-store environment with point-of-sale materials.

“When we were a video store, we were using POS materials, but we’re using a lot more now that we’re a convenience store,” says White, who has owned the site for seven years. “Whenever there’s a new product, we try to grab POS materials, because they help it stand out a bit more.”

One of White’s supplier reps advised him about, where retailers can order POS materials and have them shipped to their store, all free of charge, and he’s been ordering from the site ever since. features materials like wobblers, danglers and shanglers from major suppliers and can be used to advertise new SKUs and promotions, especially 2-for promotions that increase sales volumes.

It’s these multiple purchase materials that White keeps coming back for. “Basically anything that’s priced at $1.49, we put on a 3-for promotion, and it moves a lot more product. All of our regular bars and Maynards, Wonka and Skittles and Starburst candy are 3 for $3.33, our king size are 3 for $5, and our family bars are 2 for $5.”

White also relies on POS materials to create customized food combos. “Typically, kids have about $5 in their pocket for lunch, so every day of the week we have something different on sale, and it always comes out to $5 even after tax. Today it’s two slices of pizza and a can of pop for $4.49, and when you add tax, it’s $5.”

Innovation is another major focus for White. “The new products always get floor space or counter space,” he says. “We have a secondary confectionery display with a shelf dedicated strictly to new items, and danglers on them that say ‘new.’ It brings attention and customers will see it and want to try it.”

He says his use of POS materials has helped him stay competitive. “I would say [these materials have] definitely increased sales, awareness of new products, and awareness of ongoing promotions.

“Other retailers should get on board,” he adds. “It doesn’t cost anything other than the few minutes of your time to place the order and put up the product, and if you can increase sales by getting something for free, why wouldn’t you?”

Ray White’s tips for POS success:

1. Promote new SKUs. POS materials attract attention to innovation and encourage customers to try something different.

2. Create combos. Advertise your own bundling promotions, using SKUs from different categories like foodservice.

3. Refresh your stock. Switch up your display materials every month, and don’t forget to use them on secondary displays.