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EcoTank – The Eco-Friendly Windshield Washer Fluid Dispensing System

EcoTank is a unique, patented solution for refilling windshield washer fluid. By eliminating plastic packaging, EcoTank makes a significant environmental impact! Its modern design, simple installation and easy operation means it’s quickly becoming the worldwide standard, suitable for all for gas stations, car washes and EV charging stations. Working on the gravity principle, the tank only requires 24V to operate, making installation quick and easy!

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48 Centennial Rd Unit 21, Orangeville Ontario  L9W3T4
Phone #  1 226-916-5363


NEW- Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband

Drive traffic with Safe Hands Wristband, a Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband for all ages. Increase your revenue and profits with today’s trending item. High Margins! Offer protection for those on the go!

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iPOS Wash (Main for Newsletter)

Wiz-Tec: iPOS for Wash – Your wash on your watch.

iPOS for Wash is Wiz-Tec’s point of sale solution designed specifically for car wash owners that expect the most out of their equipment. Keep your customers and staff safe from COVID-19 with reduced in-person contact through remote bay control. Wash equipment control allows attendants to start, stop, or troubleshoot bay equipment directly from the in-store point of sale.

Integration with wash equipment through the ONICS Series tellers also allows iPOS to automatically compile sales data into a single, easy to use system. Get complete reconciliation of bay transactions, accurate and detailed sales reports, and comprehensive charge account management tools.

Sell wash codes, manage gift cards, monitor inventory, track product/service performance, and get 24/7 bilingual emergency support with iPOS.


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Visit or call 1-866-361-7846 to learn more about iPOS for Wash.


Soapy Brushy Puts the Polish on Car Wash Profits

Hamilton, December 1, 2020: New independent creative consultancy agency Soapy Brushy is bringing more than 80 years of combined experience to the car wash industry.

Car wash operators are committed to making their customers’ vehicles sparkle – and Soapy Brushy is all about making the operators’ profits shine brighter than ever before.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Soapy Brushy’s team boasts more than eight decades of combined car wash, marketing and brand strategy experience. And the agency is using a customer-focused approach to help car washes hit new heights in terms of profit, reputation, and repeat business.

“By providing an excellent range of services and being totally customer-focused in their approach, car washes can tap into customer loyalty and secure ongoing repeat business,” said Ryan McIntyre, Soapy Brushy’s Head of Customer Strategy. “At Soapy Brushy, we have all the tools that car wash operators need to get their business to a place where they can really clean up. We want to build on the word of mouth that car washes rely on, and put the sparkle on their profits.”

Car owners are very particular about their vehicles, and they want to know that their pride and joy is being properly taken care of. That means car wash businesses have to come up with innovative ways to stand out. Soapy Brushy is primed to help make sure they do exactly that.

As well as complete marketing services, Soapy Brushy also offers real estate and market viability services, brand development, site planning and construction services, wash and site systems advice , and HR and admin services. Full details can be found online at

ABOUT SOAPY BRUSHY: Soapy Brushy is an independent creative car wash consultancy based in Hamilton, Ontario, and with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Montreal, Quebec. The firm offers a full range of marketing and brand strategy services for new and existing car wash businesses. Find out more at


WWRazorEDGE Main Image

Washworld’s In-Bay Automatic vehicle wash system Razor®

Washworld’s In-Bay Automatic vehicle wash system Razor®  EDGE, ENHANCED DESIGN GLOBAL EXPERIENCE, is the perfect combination of speed and user experience in car wash technology. The Razor EDGE comes equipped with all of the reliable Razor® components and also includes an intense customer experience featuring HyperFlex™, LumenArch™ and SpectraRay™.

WWRazorEDGE Main Image

For more information on the Razor®  EDGE, ENHANCED DESIGN GLOBAL EXPERIENCE,
please contact Washworld here or view this video.


HyperFlex heightens the dynamic cleaning experience of Razor EDGE. HyperFlex consists of an overhead rain manifold and side mounted angled flood style pods that can be used in conjunction with Razor standard Flex Pass to simultaneously apply multiple products dramatically reducing wash time. Programming HyperFlex with SpectraRay creates a blanket of color for the ultimate experience!

Washworld HyperFlex


LumenArch includes over 300 dazzling blue LEDs that create an eye-catching glow of the spray arch. The LEDs illuminate the product being applied as well as the interior of the vehicle. While idle, the constant eye-catching glow fills the wash bay to attract customers.

Washworld LumenArch


A spectacular array of 4,528 LEDs fill the wash bay with SpectraRay! The red, magenta, blue and green LEDs are fully programmable to add splashes of various colors during any or all of the product applications to accentuate the entire wash process. The colors can sequence through flashing colors for an intense experience, switch to a steady color at any point to coincide with your wash package and even coordinate with your in-bay instruction sign. Even when idle, SpectraRay can sequence through color to draw attention to the wash bay with an eye-catching light show making it unique and memorable for perspective customers!

Washworld SpectraRay

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McCowan’s latest freestanding hand sanitizing station puts customer safety first

In an effort to build customer confidence and stop the spread of COVID-19, sturdy hand sanitizing stations are an essential line of defence for c-store, gas and car wash sites.

McCowan’s latest design is an elegant freestanding unit that sends a strong message to customers and staff that their safety is of upmost importance to your business.


Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 1.31.32 PM

Please contact us at:


Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 12.04.31 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 3.07.13 PM

McCowan’s hand sanitizing stations help operators safeguard staff and customers

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 3.52.25 PMIn an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, hand sanitizing stations are a must-have for c-store, gas and car wash sites.

From freestanding to wall- or counter-mounted stations, McCowan offers a variety of affordable designs and solutions to help keep your staff and customers safe.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.52.53 AM

Please contact us at:



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Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.53.13 AM

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Sinclair Cleaning Systems: Combat COVID-19 with a proven cleaning and disinfecting combo


Optima Steamer XD

Clean, disinfect and knock-out viruses with the one-two punch of dry vapour steam and an EPA-approved botanical disinfectant.

In order to properly clean and disinfect, even tiny nooks and crannies, Sinclair Cleaning Systems recommends the Optima Steamer XD in conjunction with Concrobium Disinfectant Cleaner II. The two work together to offer an effective cleaning and disinfection strategy that both sanitizes and deodorizes.

Ideal for many uses, from general retail cleaning to foodservice and automotive detailing for fleets, it’s the perfect combination to help protect your staff and customers.

unnamedConcrobium Disinfectant Cleaner II is next-generation botanical disinfection technology that safely and effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria.

The Optima Steamer, which reaches a temperature of 275°F at the sprayer tip, even cleans and sterilizes hard to reach areas. This next-level steamer uses the latest technology to remove stains, grease, dirt and odours in a quick and efficient manner, all while generating no waste water run-off.

Steam is proven to be safe for a variety of surfaces, including upholstery, vehicle interiors and exteriors, and floors, as well as other non-porous surfaces – indoors or out.

Contact Hugh Sinclair TODAY at:

1-800-265-0505 or 1-519-436-9539

For more information, visit Sinclair Cleaning Systems


Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 4.20.53 PM

McCowan’s acrylic screens protect checkout staff and customers

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 6.51.10 PMAs c-store operators work hard to keep businesses up and running during the COVID-19 outbreak, reducing risk for frontline staff and customers is vital.

In response, McCowan Design & Manufacturing has created an easy-to-install solution that creates a barrier between customers and operators.

The safety screen is made of ¼” thick clear acrylic affixed atop a solid metal white base with double-sided tape: See details below.


For immediate inquiries contact 416-291-7111 or

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Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 4.56.34 PM

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Is your softener sending money down the drain? Canature WaterGroup can help

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 5.13.36 PMTraditionally, the money your water softener saves you has been based largely on reducing your chemical and detergent costs. While those savings are still significant, Canature WaterGroup’s new commercial softening technology also offers significant water and salt savings. Canature WaterGroup has improved the efficiency of commercial softeners by re-thinking both the design and programming. Instead of large, single tank or dual-alternating tank systems, a series of smaller tanks (called Multi-Tank Systems) is used to respond to the real-time water flow of the building. This new technology is called Responsive Flow Technology.

MTS systems with Responsive Flow Technology use 50% less salt and 38% less regeneration water compared to conventional softening systems. You’ll also have consistent soft water: no hard water slippage or channeling.

Learn more about how our MTS softeners can improve the quality of your water and save you money every year.