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Save BIG with Promo Select deals


Watch the video above and learn how confectionery innovation, promotions and displays can help you boost sales. 

If you’re looking for deals on top-selling confectionery and snack SKUs, look no further than Promo Select.

Promo Select is a promotional program that provides 20,000 Canadian retailers with instant savings on chocolate, candy, gum and snack SKUs from top suppliers, including  Nestle, Mars, Hershey and Mondelēz.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Promo Select, so you can start saving today:

Who can participate: exclusive to independent retailers

When: 365 days per year. Promo Select offers are broken down into six two-month periods. Visit to learn about the current offers.  

Why: Promo Select helps retailers remain competitive by staying in the loop on confectionery and snack innovation, consumer prepack promotions as well as best-selling products from top suppliers.

How: Contact your ITWAL full-service distributor today and start saving with Promo Select!

Five ways to win with Promo Select:

1. Work with your rep. Ensure you know about the available Promo Select deals so you can plan your consumer offer.

2. Showcase the product. Build displays and utilize pre-packs. Place them in the high-traffic areas of your store.

3. Highlight the new. Strike a balance between bestsellers and innovation to keep displays exciting and fresh.

4. Extend the deals. Pass the deals on to your customers and grab their attention with two-for pricing or bundling options.

5. Be part of the excitement. Be sure to leverage consumer promotions that are aligned with events, charities, or blockbuster movie releases.

Check out these consumer promotions and learn how you can build in-store excitement with deals you find through Promo Select!