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Video: Staffing Solutions


Check out this video featuring Kumar Gurdita, owner of Queen’s Quay Convenience in Toronto, as he explains how he engages and motivates his staff in order to provide the best shopping experience for his regular customers.

In our Independent Insights survey, we asked retailers from across the country to tell us about their staff engagement strategies. We found out that 67% of store operators believe staff engagement is at least a minor problem for them. This is a significant number, and it makes sense, since your staff is the face of your business, especially when you’re not there.

We also asked the survey respondents to tell us how they help to motivate and engage their staff. The answers provided us with some valuable insights into successful staffing.

If your staff is in need of motivation, it’s time for you to adopt some of these smart but simple strategies from your fellow retailers:

  • Engage in conversation and provide a family-like environment
  • Run in-house contests for gift cards or other prizes
  • Team new employees with more experienced employees
  • Hold weekly meetings to discuss ideas
  • Trust them
  • Provide flexible hours
  • Appreciate them and thank them for their service
  • Pay them better than any of the other local part-time employers
  • Educate them and keep them informed

Remember: if your staff is happy and engaged, they’ll work harder, which means your customers will get the best service possible.

Do you have any staff engagement strategies that really work? We’d love to hear some of your ideas!