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7-Eleven debuts private label sports drink

7-select-replenish7-Eleven Inc. expanded its private label offerings with its first sports drink, 7-Select Replenish.

The isotonic beverage is available in four different flavors: lemonade, orange mango, cucumber mint, and guava splash. It contains no artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup.

The new sports drink is sweetened with stevia and real sugar and contains 100% of the daily values of vitamins A, E, Niacin (B3), B5 and Pantothenic Acid (B6) per 12-ounce serving. 7-Select Replenish also has 15 grams of sugar and 60 calories per serving, or 150 calories per 28-ounce bottle.

Isotonic drinks may help to replace electrolytes and minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium lost during exercise or strenuous activity, 7-Eleven said. 7-Select Replenish contains all four.

“As with all 7-Eleven private brand products, we wanted to make sure our new sport drink would stand out in quality, taste, uniqueness and value,” said 7-Eleven President and CEO Joe DePinto. “We benchmarked against the best and added differentiated attributes that we know our customers are seeking.”

The addition of 7-Select Replenish follows the recent introduction of Quake, a line of private label energy drinks.

“7-Eleven is one of the leading beverage retailers for a reason,” said Tim Cogil, 7-Eleven senior director of private brands. “We listen to our customers, stay ahead of the latest trends and offer refreshing drinks you can’t find anywhere else. 7-Select Replenish has received great reviews and is an effective thirst-quencher whether recovering from a tough workout or just needing to cool down on a hot summer day … or any day.”

Irving-based 7-Eleven operates, franchises and/or licenses more than 68,000 stores in 17 countries, including 11,800 in North America.

Originally published at Convenience Store News.

Game on! Sports drinks quench thirst for sales

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 11.21.43 AMYou don’t have to be a sports fanatic to realize that sports drinks can add major fizz to your convenience sales.

The sports drink market in convenience shows healthy sales of $91,119,758, according to Nielsen MarketTrack and is performing well in national C&G (excluding Newfoundland) compared to other channels at +2% (dollars vs. prior year) growth (National C&G, 52 Weeks Ending December 29, 2018).

Over 8% of the sports category dollar sales are from SKUs less than one year old, however those SKUs contributed four times more sales than the category grew ($7,553,100 in innovation sales vs. $1,773,197 in category growth; source: Nielsen MarketTrack, National C&G, 52 Weeks Ending December 29, 2018). 

“This shows that consumers are really looking for new and unique products and we are pumped to have some great innovation hitting the market,” says Jeff Fitch, commercial strategy director for Coca-Cola Ltd., makers of Powerade, which features a zero sugar, zero calorie hydrating beverage with electrolytes.

“In 2019, we are expanding our Powerade Zero lineup with a new flavour – Grape (710 mL).  We’re also introducing Powerade Twisted Blackberry to our roster of base drinks. This is a unique flavour offering not currently available within the category, and will be available in both 946 mL (single bottle) and a 6 x 591 mL. And lastly, we are injecting some excitement into the category through a limited-time offer for Powerade Ultra – a sports drinks with 25 per cent more electrolytes than base Powerade (available in two flavours: Blue Raspberry Cherry and White Cherry (710 mL).” 

Who’s drinking?

Sports drinks, perhaps not surprisingly, tend to appeal to a younger demographic. Fully 80% of consumers are under the age of 49 (Source: Environics Demographic Analytics, 2017 – Ipsos FIVE, L52W to Mar, 2018 vs YA):

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 11.21.30 AM


 Consumers are going for sports drinks over the key summer months of June through August (May 27-August 25), according to Nielsen MarketTrack, National C&G, 52 Weeks Ending December 29, 2018.


How can you appeal to sports drinks consumers?

The top three drivers of purchase decisions in C&G are the range of different types of products, the selection of new and interesting items, and the range of different prices and quality (ShopperPulse2018).

Here are a few tips from Coca-Cola Ltd.’s Jeff Fitch to help keep these drivers in mind:

  • Have the assortment consumers want – core SKUs as well as key innovation. Consumers are looking for new and exciting products.
  • Place prominently in the cooler. We recommend knee to eye level for easy identification, and using signage to highlight the sports category.
  • Display in prominent/high traffic areas in store. Not all parts of the store are visited in every trip, and placing products where consumers will see them most could increase interaction with the category.
  • Have the right package available and promoted at the right time of year for the right price. As an example, summer is a key hydration period, so having a large selection of both products and packages makes sense at this time of year so consumers can find exactly what they want – whether they’re going out for a solo bicycle ride or a picnic with a bunch of friends.
  • When cross-promoting or bundling, look for combinations that complement each other instead of substitutes. For instance, you could bundle sports drinks with sparkling water, vitamin water, sparkling soft drinks and teas.