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The Best True Story on Earth, and We’re In It!



It’s a great feeling knowing you’re part of something bigger and with the 2014 Winter Olympics well underway, Team Canada and Team USA have a lot to be proud of!

CC-Petro-Canada-OlympicsOur friends and colleagues to the north are racking up medals this week and thanks to the benevolence of the AIRserv/ Petro-Canada Tire Inflator Program, we helped them get

The Tire Inflator Program is similar to Air For Charity in that at least 10% of all revenues go to a customers’ charity of choice. As a major corporate sponsor of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams, Petro Canada’s program has generated $100,000 annually to help these young athletes realize their Olympic dreams.

Frank Merrill, Vice President of Sales & Operations for AIRserv Canada said: “We’re working harder then ever in -20° conditions to dig out air units buried in the snow to keep the donations coming in. We’re doing our best to help the best athletes in the world do their best to make it to the podium.”

With another week left, Team Canada and Team USA continue to compete heavily inspiring us all to be our best every day.