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The FSD Relationship


In our 2012 CCentral Independent Insights we asked retailers to tell us just how important FSD relationships are to them. We wanted to know about the services retailers are receiving, as well as the importance of each service.

We found out that 78% of retailers surveyed receive sales rep visits, and 56% of these retailers consider these visits to be an important advantage. FSDs can be an invaluable resource, but only if the retailer is making the most of this relationship, as well as the most of each meeting. FSD reps can provide product information and samples, merchandising solutions, in-store promotional displays and POS materials, as well as online ordering guidance.

So how can you make the most of these perks? Here are a few tips to ensure your FSD visits are working for you:

Be prepared. Always write your questions or concerns down prior to the visit, so you’re not forgetting or missing any important points when the meeting time comes around.

Stay connected. Talk to your rep about email and phone contact on non-visit days. Find out if your rep is available by phone or email, and if so, take advantage of this added communication.

Take time. The visit may only last 15 minutes, so set aside the proper amount of time when you know your rep is coming. Make sure you’ve got another employee there to focus on customers while you’re spending the allotted time with your rep.

For more CCentral Independent Insights results, be sure to check out the November issue of YCM. We’ll walk you through the insights, and, among other things, show you how you can build a sucessful FSD relationship.