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3 ways to boost shareable chocolate sales


Choco-SKUsWant to boost sales in the shareable chocolate format? Here are three simple tips to get you started:

1. Get the location right. Shareable chocolate SKUs should be found in-aisle, but bestsellers can be brought to the front to encourage trade-up.

2. Support consumer promotions. Improved visibility during the promotional period can increase customer awareness and shareable sales.

3. Follow merchandising advice. Track your shareable sales history to determine which SKUs should be given the most space on your shelves.


The convenience-gas channel is known for its highly impulsive chocolate category, but the latest growth of the shareable chocolate segment suggests more shoppers are planning their c-gas chocolate purchases.

While most impulsive singles chocolate purchases are made with only the shopper in mind, the shareable format, also referred to as future consumption, brings others into the mix, as these purchases are intended to be saved and shared among colleagues, friends, and family.

As these larger formats can increase basket size and penny profit, they should become an area of focus for all c-gas retailers.

Future consumption represents 21.6 percent of the total everyday chocolate category in the c-gas channel, and its dollar volume is growing at a rate of +7 percent, compared to +2 percent in immediate consumption. The unit volume increase for this segment is +15 percent vs. +1 percent in immediate consumption.

Insights provided by Mars Canada Inc.

All statistics sourced from: Nielsen MarketTrack, National C&G, Everyday Chocolate, Latest 52 weeks, period ending July 27, 2013.