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Increase cough sales video


Video by Brandon Gray

We’re into a new year and the winter has definitely arrived for Canadians. As a c-store owner, you may notice more and more of your customers coming into your store looking for cough drops.

The cough and cold season is here, which means it’s time for you to ensure you’re doing everything you can to maximize cough drop sales and satisfy your customers. Take a look at this quick two-minute video for all the essential tips so you can make the most of cough drop sales during the cough and cold season.

Here’s a quick recap of the top tips featured in the video:

1. Put them on display. Use impactful displays and danglers to grab your customers’ attention.

2. Make sure they’re visible. Use a branded countertop dispay at the point of sale.

3. Block SKUs together on the top shelf. Follow the suggested planogram and avoid out-of-stocks.

4. Cough drops are sold year-round, so don’t forget about them during the other months of the year.

Remember, the cough category represents a great way to trigger an unplanned purchase and build incremental sales. With the right displays and POS materials in place, you can ensure your store has a healthy cough and cold season!