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Win BIG with confectionery innovation


Video by Brandon Gray

Product innovation is the lifeblood of the c-store industry. New, innovative products drive traffic and entice customers to add something different to their purchase basket.

Want to know how to win with confectionery innovation? Check out this two-minute video and see Sharon Yoo’s top five tips for leveraging confectionery innovation:

Here’s a quick summary of Sharon’s TOP FIVE tips:

  1. Make the most of high-traffic areas
  2. Encourage your staff to upsell
  3. Keep displays fully stocked
  4. Make room for innovation
  5. Work with your sales reps

Confectionery innovation will excite and surprise your customers. Manufacturers are working hard to develop new products that your customers will love, so it’s important to support this innovation with POS materials and other upselling strategies.

Confectionery innovation represents a win-win-win scenario: your customers find new products they love, you increase your sales, and manufacturers can continue to innovate and excite.