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Canadian Carwash Association announces new board of directors


CCA-JorgeThe CCA hosted its Annual General Meeting this past April, where there was a lively debate about the number of board members, but also about the number of suppliers versus the number of operators on the board.

Despite the low turnout at the AGM, a constitutional change to reduce the minimum number of board members from 11 to seven was rejected. The CCA board will now have to find and appoint two additional members.

Here’s the CCA’s new board of directors:

Mike Dietrich, president

Scott Murray, past president and treasurer

Richard McKinnon, VP, carwash owners/managers

Brad Baldwin, VP, manufacturers/distributors/suppliers

Nathan Ewing

Brad Goetz

Sean McBride

Matt McCulloch

Bob Walsh

For brief profiles on each of the members, check out the July 2013 issue of YCM/Octane Magazine.

Municipal engagement:

Over the next year, the CCA will be focusing on engaging larger municipalities across the country to promote professional carwashing as the environmentally preferred way to wash cars.

The first engagement happened in London, ON, where the CCA was invited to contribute to the London Cares event. Here, 16 carwash sites agreed to donate half their revenue to the London Food Bank. The event was a great way to get involved in the community, and it was also a way to spread materials about the benefits of professional washing versus driveway washing.

The CCA is hoping to engage another dozen or so municipalities across the country to promote the industry to the public and to municipal officials. To succeed in other municipalities, the CCA board is looking for volunteers to take the lead in their community.

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The CCA golf tournament is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10, at Caledon Woods Golf Club. For information about the tournament, visit