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Introducing new Bendable Bollards


We are introducing a new bollard option which is rigid, yet flexible enough to maintain its form even after being hit or run over. Our Bendable Bollards are great for trails, bike paths, access control, traffic delineators and landscape enhancements. Plus, they can help reduce personal injuries and property damage.


  • Tough & durable – resists low speed impacts
  • Flexes on impact
  • Retains shape memory – returns to height & shape after impact
  • Attractive design
  • Same color on inside & outside
  • Elastomeric polymer material



Measurements:  4″ diameter x 41″ high

All Bendable Bollards are available for core drilled or removable installations. The Traditional bollard also can be ordered as a bolt down.

To make the core drill Bendable Bollards ‘removable’, use one of these in-ground bases.



For pricing and more information, please visit

As with most of our products, Bendable Bollards are in stock. If you would like help with other property protection ideas, please give us a call.

Think Spring!

~ The Post Guard and 1-800-BOLLARDS Team

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