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The latest vaping news



As a category, vaping is in flux, with new rules and regulations rolling out across the country. C-stores are bearing the brunt of the changes.


Here’s what you need to know, starting with the most recent news item.



  • P.E.I. bans flavoured vape products Read more
  • Industry reacts to Health Canada’s proposed vaping regulations Read more
  • Health Canada proposes reducing nicotine concentrate limit in vaping products Read more
  • Quebec to ban vaping flavours and restrict nicotine content Read more
  • Imperial Tobacco opens vape shop in Toronto Read more
  • Ottawa’s vaping ad regulations kick in Friday Read more
  • B.C. introduces new vaping rules that restrict products sold by c-stores Read more
  • Ottawa’s new rules restricting the promotion of vaping products in places young people can access are set to come into effect August 7 Read more
  • Public Health Units have discretion when it comes to enforcing Ontario’s new vape rules targeting sales at c-stores Read more
  • Ontario agrees to delay full enforcement of vaping rules Read more
  • Ottawa delays new vape packaging regulations Read more
  • Ontario sticks with July 1 for new vaping regulations Read more
  • C-stores not a major source for youth vaping Read more
  • Nova Scotia to regulate nicotine levels in e-cigarettes Read more
  • Alberta introduces legislation to regulate vaping Read more
  • Saskatchewan introduces rules to ban vaping products for youth Read more
  • New vaping rules will punish neighbourhood c-stores Read more
  • Ontario convenience and gas stations comply with vaping ad ban Read more
  • CICC supports vaping priorities outlined by Minister of Health mandate Read more