2021 Star Woman in Convenience winner: Chantal Jalette

Operations manager, Les Entreprises Sylvain Turgeon (Petro-Canada)

Chantal Jalette began her career in retail gas 34 years ago as a 17-year-old night clerk. Today, she operates 12 successful Petro-Canada locations.

“My biggest accomplishment is attaining my current job as operations manager; I worked hard to develop my business, financial and human resources skills to get here,” says Jalette.

As the top leader in the company, Jalette manages daily operations, including sales, service and corporate branding, as well as developing and maintaining strong relationships with staff and management. She executes requests flawlessly, including the heightened health and safety demands that arose due to COVID-19.

Jalette is celebrated for her stellar work ethic, perseverance and commitment to excellence in the sector, and she has won multiple awards and recognition for her efforts. She also founded Troc-tu, an employee-based community giving program that donates clothing and goods to families in need.

“I still get so much joy from customer service, and recognition from my peers,” says Jalette. “I enjoy putting my particular stamp on things, and I’m more passionate than ever about this industry.”

Join us on September 29, 2021, as the industry comes together to honour the winners at the 2021 Star Women in Convenience Awards Event.

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