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SWIC winners 2023

  • Strength in community: Meet the 2023 Star Women in Convenience

    The 2023 Star Women in Convenience stand apart from the crowd, but one characteristic unites them: Their passion for what they do. That “doing” encompasses everything from running a convenience store (and pub) in a small town in Ontario to managing marketing in Canada for a global beverage company to co-founding your own snack company.

    The 48 women you will meet here thrive on innovation and collaboration. They believe fresh ideas will continue to revitalize the c-sector, and those ideas come fastest and easiest when teams are engaged. Indeed, connections with teams is a central theme that runs through all the interviews. It’s not only internal relationships that are vital, however. The Star Women in Convenience point to the need for—and the benefits that come from—connecting with customers, suppliers, and vendors.

    There is truly strength in community. There is also strength in overcoming barriers. Many of these award-winning women spoke openly and frankly about the walls they had to climb to be successful in a sector that has been dominated by men. They also spoke about the struggle to balance work and home life.

    The path they’ve forged is making it easier for those who follow behind them.

    Senior-Level Stars

  • Shining Stars

  • Store-Level Stars

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