2023 Star Women in Convenience winner: Jamie Gnanapragasam

Shining Star
Jamie Gnanapragasam  Manager, merchandising systems Parkland Corporation
Jamie Gnanapragasam  Manager, merchandising systems Parkland Corporation

Manager, merchandising systems

Parkland Corporation 


How did I get into this business?

I’ve been in convenience and gas for 18 years. I like to think that I’ve “grown up” in this industry since I started off as a co-op student back in 2004.  I’ve had the privilege to work for two C&G industry leaders and have had the opportunity to take on various roles over the years. This industry is all I’ve ever known and it’s been an amazing journey so far.

What do you like most about your job?

The people and the pace! Given the changes in the economic environment, technological advancements and the fast-paced industry we work in, there is never a dull moment in this job. This role also gives me the opportunity to interact with our retailers and collaborate cross-functionally. I get to work with and learn from some incredibly talented people. 

What’s the best advice you have received?

My mentors have all provided me with great advice and even some memorable one-liners. The one piece of advice they have all consistently drilled into me is to believe in myself and trust my abilities. I’ve had to remind myself of this many times over the years and ironically find myself coaching others similarly. It sounds simple, but sometimes it’s the hardest advice to follow.

What work-related accomplishment are you most proud of during the last 12-18 months?

I joined Parkland 20 months ago and stepped into this role without any systems knowledge. Being new and not being the expert in the role was a daunting experience.  Thankfully, I have an incredibly strong and patient team. While I’m proud of my own progress and learnings, I’m most proud of my team’s accomplishments over the past year. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I have had the privilege to work with some of the strongest men and women in the industry and I attribute a lot of my growth and success to their guidance and coaching. To be recognized amongst the best in the business is humbling and an incredible honour. Thank you!

What excites you most about the future of this channel?

It’s been an exciting journey to see how this channel has evolved and redefined itself through sustainability, product assortment, digital engagement, payment technology, the list goes on! These changes represent a lot of new opportunities for our business, and I’m excited to see how we can leverage such advancements to enhance our own internal processes and ultimately exceed our customer’s expectations.


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