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2022 Impact Awards winner: Mondelēz International

2022 Impact Awards winner: Mondelēz International

Ten years ago, Mondelēz International launched its global cocoa sustainability program, Cocoa Life, to help tackle the complex challenges facing cocoa farmers, including climate change, gender inequality, poverty and child labour. Testing new approaches and innovations, Mondelēz International worked directly with farmers to deliver measurable impact where change was needed. By focusing on making a difference—turning cocoa into a business of choice, creating inclusive and empowered communities and educating on forest conservation and restoration—Cocoa Life creates exciting opportunities for cocoa farmers and their families. 

Today, 100% of Mondelēz International’s chocolate brands in Canada source their cocoa through Cocoa Life.

In 2022, the company exceeded its goals by registering nearly 210,000 Cocoa Life farmers. It invested US$404 million in the program to support farmers’ livelihoods. Mondelēz International held 300,000 training sessions in Good Agricultural and Environmental Practices and saw net incomes increase between 15% in Ghana and 33% in Côte d’Ivoire since 2019. Cocoa Life is now in the cookies category with Oreo. 

Investing in Cocoa Life has led to stronger retail partnerships and increases in sales. It also helped Mondelēz International engage with consumers and raise awareness about cocoa sustainability.

“Mondelēz is passionate about creating snacks as sustainably as possible, and Cocoa Life empowers 200,000 cocoa farmers across six countries to create a sustainable business,” says Chantal Butler, vice-president of marketing for Mondelēz Canada. “In Canada, we are proud to source 100% of the cocoa used in creating our chocolate from the Cocoa Life program. Canadians are more and more interested in supporting brands that have a vested interest in our planet and community; at Mondelēz, we do just that.”

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Winners are also feature in the November/December 2022 issue of Convenience Store News Canada

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