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2023 Future Leaders in Convenience: AMANDA MITCHELL

Petro-Canada | Suncor: Head of loyalty
Amanda Mitchell

Succeeding in 13 different roles over 15 years, Amanda Mitchell’s energy drives her team and her organization. In October, she took on a new challenge as head of loyalty, after several years leading energy marketing for Petro-Canada's retail and wholesale businesses, including Petro-Canada’s low carbon energy portfolio including their EV Charging Network and renewable diesel.

“I strive to be better every day, and make a positive impact,” she says.  

“I’m always learning, focusing on our customers, mentoring and seeking to inspire others. It’s the little things that make us, our businesses, and our communities stronger.”

Initiatives Mitchell has been involved in include standing up a distributor network across the U.S. to sell an innovative oil-based turf management product, heading up a global conference, optimizing a North American logistics strategy and launching one of Canada’s first hydro-treated renewable diesel products to reduce environmental impact. 

“I like working in the energy industry because it’s central to a thriving world, and I’m proud to work among talented professionals focused on safety, reliability and profitability while supporting communities and reducing environmental impact,” says Mitchell.

Shannon Wing, Suncor’s general manager, retail, says Mitchell demonstrates leadership to her team and mentor to dozens employees across Suncor, Petro-Canada and externally.

“Amanda is part of our employee inclusion and diversity networks, including a mentor within our Mozaic (Black Employee Network) mentorship program. She’s a passionate leader and collaborator that has helped us differentiate and optimize our brand and community strategy,” says Wing.

Mitchell believes that with change and challenge comes opportunity.

“Positivity builds resiliency; I choose to be excited versus afraid of challenges, which allows me to quickly adapt, pivot and reorient to achieve results.” 


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