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2023 Future Leaders in Convenience: ERIC CLARK

Guayaki Yerba Mate: General manager, Canada & international
Eric Clark

Eric Clark’s young life revolved around hockey. But a serious car accident at age 18 left him in a wheelchair for over a year, requiring several reconstructive surgeries. Doctors said he would never walk again, and suggested amputating his left leg below the knee, but Clark was determined to prove them wrong. After intense physiotherapy and weight training, Clark not only learned to walk again, but laced up skates to represent Canada at the FIRS Inline Hockey World Championships.

“Having everything taken away in an instant and then fighting to get it back taught me that if you set your mind on a goal, and work hard to achieve it, anything is possible,” he says.

Responsible for strategic distribution, sales, and marketing leadership on an international scale, Clark has been the driving force behind the Guayaki’s global expansion, notes key account manager John Laplume.

“Eric has optimized distribution networks, led sales teams, conducted market research, and overseen branding efforts. His expertise in the beverage industry, strong leadership skills, and ability to navigate international markets has been key in propelling our brand to new heights,” says Laplume.

“Eric's impact on the company's growth in Canada is truly outstanding. Not only has he significantly expanded his team's presence, but he’s also established a national footprint for the brand at retailers like Petro-Canada, Parkland, and Shell.”

Clark also advocates for independent retailers and shows an ability to adapt, innovate, and excel in a dynamic industry. He also cultivates a culture of community engagement and sustainability within his team, notes Laplume.

“His efforts to promote environmental responsibility, such as picking up one pound of trash for every case sold, demonstrate his dedication to making a positive impact on the communities his company serves,” says Laplume.

Clark is motivated by Guayaki’s focus on building a sustainable future while investing in communities through sales of organic, fair-trade products.

“I’m a part of something much larger than the beverages we market and distribute,” says Clark.

“To help grow the future generation of leaders, I believe we should always leave something in better condition than when we received it. That’s my goal: To be the best version of myself while inspiring those who come after me.”

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