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2023 Future Leaders in Convenience: KELLY MOROZ

Dauphin Co-op: Gas bar manager
Kelly Moroz

Kelly Moroz joined Dauphin Co-op as a college student. At 24, shortly after having a baby, she was given a great opportunity.

“My manager was applying for a new position, and I knew I had to apply,” says Moroz. “My son was only three months old when I became manager; it was the hardest decision of my life, but it was the right one.”

Moroz enjoys getting to know her customers and is especially proud of her close-knit team in Dauphin, Man.

“I love hearing customers saying they come here because of how our team treats them. Customer service is huge for me, so I push the team to do their best every day,” she says.

Taking on c-store, fuel and car wash all at once is no small task, and Moroz shows ambition and a passion for growth, notes her nominator: “Kelly’s worked hard to enhance the customer experience and quality of Co-op offerings; she embraces new programs for hot food and fresh offerings in the market and helps develop the skills of her next-in-command to ensure the business is always in good hands.”  

Moroz believes in taking advantage of all learning opportunities, and notes that the co-op’s values—respect, honesty, service and excellence—resonate with her, and motivate her to do better. 

“I like that our business does so much for our customers, so the money stays in the community, and it’s nice to see our team members volunteering,” she says.

“I want to keep my team members happy, keep their trust in me and ensure they have a safe place to work.” 


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