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2023 Impact Awards winner: EcoTank Canada

2023 Impact Sustainability EcoTank
2023 Impact Sustainability EcoTank

With the federal government instituting a single-use plastics ban, there was a gap in the market since washer fluid jugs did not have a readily available alternative. EcoTank Canada tackled this gap need head on. It set out to eliminate the plastic jugs containing washer fluid, which ultimately end up in landfills and waterways, and not recycled due to the methanol they contain inside. In Canada, that represents an estimated 70 million jugs of washer fluid annually. The solution? Offering a bulk alternative to consumers.

In its first year, EcoTank partnered with major brands such as Irving, Suncor, Parkland, 7-Eleven, Circle K/Couche-Tard and Earth Day Canada EV Network. It installed more than 150 dispensers at 60 locations nationwide and sold over 108,000 litres of fluid this past winter—the equivalent of almost 30,000 plastic jugs diverted.

“Reception from our consumers and corporate partners has been met with rave reviews,” says Michael Gillian, business development manager. “Customers see the importance of our product not just from a convenience side, but also not having to carry plastic jugs in their vehicles. Customers are willing to pay a little extra for the environmental aspect of our product.”

Looking ahead, the network of tanks and corporate partners is set to grow across Canada. “Our future looks bright,” he says.

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EcoTank North America debuted at 7-Eleven Orangeville


Winners are also featured in the September/October 2023 issue of Convenience Store News Canada

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