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2023 Impact Awards winner: JTI Macdonald Corp. - SEAT

2023 Impact JTI sustainability

As a global leader in the tobacco industry, JTI has set an ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral for its own operations by 2030 and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its entire value chain by 2050. To get there, the Canadian team has taken a proactive approach, forming a Sustainable Environment Agile Team (SEAT).

The employee-led team has been working to mobilize the entire organization toward meaningful and tangible actions to make a positive difference for the environment. SEAT members have deployed numerous creative, practical and highly impactful tools and initiatives to drive success. From conducting education campaigns and sustainability fairs for employees to installing clear pictorial messaging on waste containers to help employees with composting, SEAT is leading change.

Its members’ efforts over and above their core responsibilities and the meaningful difference they are making are remarkable. The team’s many small actions and quick wins are creating a ripple effect of positive change and provide a sense of accomplishment and motivation. Its success is encouraging others, too.

“SEAT has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication and has mobilized the entire organization, creating a momentum towards a more sustainable future,” says George Metsis, head of finance. “They’re truly inspiring and well deserving of recognition for the positive impact they’re making.”

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