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2023 Impact Awards winner: Nestlé Canada

2023 Impact Awards Nestle Canada Supporting Employees

Flexibility is the key word. In response to the evolving needs of its employees, Nestlé Canada reimagined its work environment through its FlexWork Program in 2022. It combines collaborating and connecting at the office with the flexibility to work remotely.

Employees are asked to come into the office at minimum two days a week.

The company office remains a central hub for collaboration, networking and culture. To support this, it created Connect Tuesday featuring opportunities for networking, in-person learning and networking.

The Flex 4+4 program gives eligible employees the option to work up to four extra hours in a week in return for time off as they choose. This includes the flexibility to combine two Flex 4s (4+4) to take up to a full day off.

As well, a Work from Anywhere in Canada program enable eligible employees to work remotely from anywhere for up to four weeks annually. A 2022 internal employee survey found 98% of respondents who used the program found it valuable and 93% wanted it to continue.

The results also an enthusiastic response for the company’s FlexWork initiative, with 97% of respondents who took a Flex 4+4 finding personal value in the program.



Winners are also featured in the September/October 2023 issue of Convenience Store News Canada

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