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2023 Impact Awards winner: Rabba Fine Foods

2023 Impact Rabba Sustainability
2023 Impact Rabba Sustainability

“Sustainability and the environment are subjects that Rabba always keeps top of mind,” says company president, Rick Rabba.

Rabba Fine Foods recognizes food waste as an environmental concern and has partnered with the Mississauga Food Bank to minimize food waste. Most recently, it introduced a weekly food rescue at retail program where select locations are offering fresh in-store product to the food bank as an alternative to going to landfill.

In support of its green initiatives, the company is collaborating with Green Integrations and Star Energy Solutions to develop solar generation to substantially reduce the carbon footprint of its store network. When completed, the solar energy systems will generate more than 1.5 million kWh of electricity annually, thereby, offsetting most of the electricity requirements for Rabba’s Mississauga distribution facilities. The project will reduce the company’s reliance on traditional electricity generation and will ensure products Rabba sells have been delivered using renewable energy.

This is an extension of ongoing retrofit and upgrade projects Rabba started many years ago, including eliminating older electrical fixtures in favour of newer, more energy efficient options. It is also phasing in digital smart labels. This shelf strip technology will eliminate label printing and minimize paper use.

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