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2023 Impact Awards winner: SRP Companies Canada

2023 Impact SRP Companies
2023 Impact SRP Companies

“We recognize the importance of sustainable practices and are committed to reducing packaging waste for our consumer electronics products,” says Leena Halim, director of marketing. “The initiative was undertaken in response to the growing concern over environmental issues, particularly the accumulation of packaging waste in landfills.”

To address the challenge, the company has implemented measures to reduce packaging waste. They include right-sizing packaging to optimize the size and shape of packaging for its consumer electronics products and using recycled and recyclable materials. “These efforts allow us to contribute to global efforts to conserve resources and minimize waste, promoting a healthier and more sustainable future for all,” she says.

Raising awareness is also key. SRP is promoting the benefits of these changes (i.e., reduced freight costs) to its customers and educating its associates about the importance of reducing packaging waste. According to Halim, “This has helped create a sense of ownership and fostered a culture of sustainability within our organization.”

In the future, it will continue to find ways to reduce packaging waste, from exploring alternative packaging solutions to encouraging suppliers to adopt sustainable packaging practices. “We are confident we can make a significant and lasting impact and contribute to a more sustainable future,” explains Halim.


Impact winner SRP Packaging


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