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3 ways to get noticed with POS

Find out how Amit Parmar lets POS do all the talking


How can you use POS materials successfully?

1. Keep it interesting. Run regular bundling and two-for combos to incent customers to make additional purchases.

2. Get it right. Ensure you have the right POS materials in the right spot; materials in high-traffic locations are most likely to catch a customer’s eye.

3. Be original. Use POS materials to showcase innovation, enticing your regulars to try something new.


Find out how Amit Parmar lets POS do all the talking: 

When Amit Parmar took over as owner of the Lasalle Kwikway in Sudbury, ON in the fall of 2012, he was looking for any tools or advice that would help him increase sales and attract customer attention. He found the answer in point-of-sale signage.

Parmar started placing orders from, the site where retailers can order POS signage and have it shipped to their store without paying a dime. He says he’s drawn to the bundling combo signage (he’s ordered almost all of these materials available), and the two-for promotional displays, because these types of promotions help him achieve two main goals.

“The most important thing is to increase my sales, and the second is to decrease my inventory,” Parmar says.

While he likes to create combos to keep his customers happy, Parmar says display materials can only have their full intended impact when used properly. “I put the signage in high-traffic areas, like near the movie rentals and chips and cold drinks, and also in prime locations like the entrance. I also put them with the prepack displays at the counter,” says Parmar.

When Parmar gets his promotional displays right, he says he notices a big difference in customer shopping patterns. “I did see very significant changes in my sales, and some of my regular customers started buying things they didn’t usually buy. I’m quite sure sales are about 10-12 percent higher than they are without the promotions, and without the POS in the right places.”


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