85% of New Brunswickers support sale of beer and wine in convenience stores: CICC survey


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A recent consumer survey found that a vast majority of adult New Brunswickers are in favour of the sale of beer and wine in convenience stores.

The research, commissioned by the Convenience Industry Council of Canada and managed independently by Abacus Data, shows 85% of survey participants strongly support, support or somewhat support the sale of beer and wine in convenience stores.

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The 800 survey participants were split about equally between adults identified as regular consumers of alcohol and those who were infrequent consumers or non-drinkers. Support among regular consumers was 96% while support among infrequent consumers or non-drinkers was 75%.

Convenience is a key factor behind the support, according to Anne Kothawala, president and CEO of the Convenience Industry Council of Canada.

“Almost 70% of survey participants rated accessing beer and wine from a convenience store close to home as either very important or somewhat important,” says Kothawala. “And almost 40% of survey participants said they would be much more likely or somewhat more likely to shop at a local convenience store if beer and wine were available.”

In a statement, the CICC said it plans to continue engagement with NB Liquor and provincial government to discuss the issue: “Our industry has long advocated for expanded retailing of beer and wine through convenience stores. In New Brunswick there are government stores, agency stores and grocery stores retailing beer and wine. But adult New Brunswickers are still of the opinion that there’s a need for an expanded retailing role for convenience stores.”


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