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C-stores help Canadians celebrate Canada Day

From fireworks to snacks and items for the BBQ, Canadians are looking for budget-friendly options, according to research from Numerator Canada.
Kids writing Canada with sparklers

Canadians are moving ahead with plans for Canada Day and c-stores can play a role in ensuring customers have everything they need to celebrate. 

Canadian celebrators are eager to leave pandemic concern in the past, according to new data from Numerator Canada, which surveyed people about their upcoming plans. 

Halfway through the year, expected COVID impact has declined, with almost half of Canadian celebrators expect no impact on their Canada Day plans. Last year, only 6% did not expect COVID to impact their plans. Only one in five expect a moderate to significant impact, comparable to the level of concern seen in the United States for their upcoming Independence Day celebrations (17%).

So how will people celebrate? Food, fireworks and fun will dominate the day. However, budget restraints are top of mind, as people adjust to inflation and higher prices across the board. 


Numerator Traditional celebration plans are declining compared to past Canada Days.
Spending will vary as most consumers look to spend less than previous years.
Expect grocery baskets to be full and diverse this Canada Day.
Alcoholic beverage purchasing will look different across Canadian age groups.
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