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Can you afford not to have a touchless washroom?

The pandemic has forever changed the way your customers look at public hygiene.
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While COVID-19 is largely behind us, the pandemic has forever changed the way the public looks at public hygiene. 

Increasingly, customers are judging businesses based on the cleanliness of their washrooms (particularly on highway routes). It’s a big reason why we see convenience stores investing in touchless bathroom technology. 

Survey reveals shifting attitudes 

A 2020 survey by Dyson revealed that three-quarters of Canadians were concerned about visiting public washrooms during the pandemic. No surprise there.

Interestingly, 42% of those surveyed said they were concerned with pressing buttons on hand dryers. 

These findings reflect what our convenience store clients have been hearing from their customers – and explain why more businesses are installing no-touch hand-dryers, soap dispensers, taps,  and toilets.

Costs coming down

Although touchless fixtures are more expensive than traditional ones, prices have been coming down as adoption rates increase, and more manufacturers get into the game. This is making touchless options more attractive to independent c-store owners and major retail chains alike.

A simple upgrade

Upgrading an existing washroom to hands-free components is relatively straight forward. It can be done quickly with minimal interruption to your business. You can generally use existing wiring for hand dryers, negating the need for an electrical permit. Some devices like touchless soap dispensers can even run on batteries.

One trend we’re seeing is businesses purchasing sink units that have touchless taps, soap dispensers, and hand dryers built into a single unit. It can be more economical and eliminates the need to install separate components. As a bonus, having the dryer built into the sink keep the washroom cleaner and reduces the risk of slips due to a wet floor.

Invest in customer confidence

Adopting touchless technology shows that you care about your customers. As more convenience stores adopt touchless fixtures, you don’t want to risk being left behind. After all, the days when people expect cleanliness at the touch of a button are gone. Today, we demand it at the wave of a hand!


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