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Canadian Beverage Association highlight the value of recycling plastic bottles

New video series traces the lifecycle of a beverage bottle.

To celebrate National Recycling Day, the Canadian Beverage Association is sharing a first-ever Canadian video campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the value of a plastic beverage bottle, with a goal of improving recycling efforts. 

The series of four 15-second videos aim to show consumers that plastic beverage bottles are the most recycled plastic in the plastic value chain--by placing them in a recycling bin versus the garbage, these bottles will be remade over and over again.

Convenience and gas can play its part in the movement by ensuring that recycling containers are readily available. 

A “waste audit” from the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) found that 63% of the contents thrown into the garbage both in front of a c-store and at their gas pumps without blue bins is recyclable. Of that recyclable content, 2% to 8% is beverage containers. 

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